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The Gaza Crisis Exposes the True Colors of the United Nations

The United Nations is useless. 

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United Methodist Church Sacred Space Online Learning

America is pouring more than $12 billion a year of our tax money down the UN rathole and squandering a better opportunity. 

The dream behind the United Nations’s founding, to provide an international forum for peaceful cooperation and the prevention of war, doesn’t have to be discarded. 

Symbols within the Church : Symbols within the Church : About Us
Symbols within the Church : Symbols within the Church : About Us

America should lead the democratic nations to establish a new forum and junk the UN. Those two letters have come to stand for Useless Nations, or worse, Unethical Nations. 

The UN lends legitimacy to ruthless, despotic regimes and even a terrorist organization, Hamas.

Cross and flame - Wikipedia
Cross and flame – Wikipedia

The current crisis at Gaza shows the UN’s true colors. For years, the United Nations refused to label Hamas what it is — a terrorist organization like ISIS or Al Qaeda. In 2018, Ambassador Nikki Haley sounded the alarm about Hamas’s plans to attack Israeli communities, even alleging evidence of maps and raid plans. Ms. Haley urged the terrorist designation, but the UN refused to act.

Last week, the Secretary-General of the UN, Antonio Guterres, condemned Hamas’s terror attack. Yet Mr. Guterres has also aggressively criticized Israel’s impending invasion of Gaza to rout out Hamas. 

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North AL: United Methodist branding toolkit now available

That’s no surprise. The UN has long been biased against Israel and captive of the world’s most despotic regimes. 

What is surprising is how President Biden kowtows to the United Nations as if it merits respect. In 2021, soon after entering the White House, Mr. Biden told the UN General Assembly that America is “back at the table,” pursuing “relentless diplomacy” and embracing globalist goals.

And he came bearing money. America provides one-fifth of the international organization’s budget, the largest contributor. Mr. Biden restored funding for UN agencies cut under President Trump, including more than $600 million a year for the pro-Palestinian UN Relief and Works Agency.

This agency supports the annihilation of Israel. Ms. Haley protested that it “uses American money to feed Palestinian hatred of the Jewish state.” The agency pays for printed school materials that teach Palestinian children to kill Jews. Maps for Palestinian children don’t even show Israel as a country.

Apparently, that’s not a problem for the Biden administration. In its eagerness to be “back at the table,” Team Biden is making America into a patsy. 

Start with Covid. The UN’s own health agency, the World Health Organization, allowed Communist China to wage the biggest cover-up in history. Mr. Trump suspended WHO funding, demanding “independence from China.” Mr. Biden restored the money on day one of his presidency. 

For nearly four years, as 7 million people died worldwide, the UN watched China block independent researchers from investigating the virus’s origin, almost certainly a leak at the Wuhan lab. 

On climate change, the UN fleeces wealthy Western countries, while tolerating ever-increasing pollution from China. In March, the UN announced wealthier nations — meaning America — would have to shell out three to six times their current expenditures on global climate action. It’s a heist.

As for human rights, Mr. Biden vowed in 2021 that the U.S. would rejoin the UN’s 47-member Human Rights Council. That’s some aspiration to be in the company of hardened abusers like Cuba and China. 

Meanwhile, the powerhouse at the UN — the Security Council — is a house of thugs, with Russia and China both holding veto powers. Russia bombs Ukrainian hospitals and kidnaps children with impunity. No wonder President Zelensky called the UN Security Council useless. This is the same council considering a resolution calling for a ceasefire at Gaza. 

Ms. Haley, who is now a presidential contender, has long protested the U.N.’s anti-Israel bias and corruption. Hers is a voice of moral clarity. She tweeted, “Hamas is evil & must be eradicated. We must stand with Israel — not just when it is hit, but also when it hits back.”

Ever since the Holocaust, the world has vowed, “Never again.” The UN is not up to keeping that promise. 

The world needs a new international organization dominated by democratic leaders, instead of thugs and despots. Mr. Biden is incapable, but our next president should get it done.